Central Texas Shoplifting and Retail Theft Lawyer

Shoplifting/Retail Theft Offense

Shoplifting and Retail Theft arrests are the most common types of offenses in the state of Texas. Theft or Larceny, by definition is obtaining someone else’s property without their permission or approval. In this sense, shoplifting theft would mean removing an item from a retail store without purchasing or gaining approval from the outlet. The laws in Texas focus on the intent of the accuser. If the intention of the person arrested is to deprive the retail store of its belongings, then the accuser is subject to a shoplifting conviction. Here at Zac Morris Law, we are committed to fighting for your justice using an array of criminal defense attorney strategies that will help drop charges in your Shoplifting or Retail theft case.

There are numerous issues with Shoplifting or Retail Theft crimes that the District Attorney will try to use against you and further push prosecution. It is highly imperative to seek legal representation to avoid a conviction on your record. Zac Morris is a highly knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who has vast trial experience in Shoplifting and Retail Theft offenses. Zac will be with you every step of your case, set up a free consultation now!


Criminal Penalties

The state of Texas and Lampasas county classifies theft charges by the amount taken during the arrest. Below is a list with the property value and consequent charge associated with the case.


Value Classification Fine Jail Time
Less than $100.00 Class C Misdemeanor Up to $500.00 Fine None
$100-$750 Class B Misdemeanor Up to $2,000.00 Fine 180 Days in County Jail
$750-$2,500 Class A Misdemeanor Up to $4,000.00 Fine 1 Year in County Jail
$2,500-$30,000 Texas State Felony Up to $10,000.00 Fine
180 Days – 2 Years in State Jail
$30,000-$150,000 3rd Degree Felony Up to $10,000.00 Fine 2-10 Years in TDCJ
$150,000-$300,000 2nd Degree Felony Up to $10,000.00 Fine 2-10 Years in TDCJ
Over $300,000 1st Degree Felony Up to $10,000.00 Fine 5-99 Years in TDCJ

(Source: https://statutes.capitol.texas.gov/Docs/PE/htm/PE.31.htm)

Depending on the value of property found during the arrest, will determine the classification of your charge. As the higher the amount of an item increases, the higher the charge. Seeking legal representation for such a criminal case is imperative to your future. Zac Morris has worked a multitude of theft offenses ranging from Shoplifting to Robbery, all the way to Burglary. Go with someone who not only has experience but will fight for you. Zac aims to shield you from injustice.

Professional Legal Representation

Zac Morris is committed to providing you the legal representation you deserve. A shoplifting or retail theft charge on your record can prevent you from multiple opportunities in your future. Almost ever job application asks if you have ever been arrested for theft. The perception of having the intent to deprive someone of their belongings can highly affect your job future. Don’t let a common charge ruin your future. If you have been arrested in Lampasas, Killeen, Temple, Belton, Gatesville, Copperas Cove, Georgetown (Williamson County), Goldthwaite, Burnet, or other Central Texas cities, contact Zac Morris now. Protect your future and your rights by defending your criminal case with the attorney you deserve. Choose Zac Morris as your Central Texas Shoplifting and Retail Theft criminal defense lawyer today!