About Us

Zachary Morris Biography:

Mr. Morris has spent much of the last decade advocating and litigating cases for the criminally accused.

West Texan born and Panhandle raised. Zac Morris put down roots in Lampasas Texas in 2016 by way of a literal 30 year journey around Texas.

Mr. Morris completed undergraduate studies with a degree in Public Relations in 2008. After graduation, Zac continued his education at the Texas Tech School of Law and received a Doctorate of Jurisprudence in 2011. Mr. Morris received his student bar card in 2010 and has spent the last decade focusing on the needs of the criminally accused. He spent time cutting his teeth as a public defender in Bowie County Texas right out of Law School for a little under 2 years. After establishing his confidence in the courtroom, he blazed a trail to Austin in 2013. Since that move, Mr. Morris has represented folks in the greater Austin, CenTex and Hill Country regions of Texas.

Mr. Morris prides himself on being a zealous and dynamic trial attorney. He feels that maintaining a positive relationship with prosecutors is paramount. However, he’ll openly tell you that to this date, he hasn’t found one he’d back down from on his Client’s behalf. Mr. Morris also enjoys working on basic Estate planning for his fellow community members.

Over the past few years, Mr. Morris has been able to establish a trusted referral network to better serve his clients with Personal Injury issues. His goal has and will remain to work towards restoring his client’s to where they were before their injury. While also planning for his client’s futures.

Mr. Morris separates himself from many attorneys by his open and speedy communication with his clients, and his desire to convey each client’s personality and character beyond the legal matter he represents his client in.

Outside of the office and courtroom, Mr. Morris enjoys playing guitar and singing in a handful of bands, rock climbing, camping and traveling.

Shellie Hutsell Biography:

Shellie Hutsell, Paralegal Extraordinaire at Zachary J. Morris, Attorney at Law has 11 years of experience in the legal field including working at the Texas County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Harrell, Morris & Stermer, Attorneys at Law and now alongside with Zac in his solo practice.

As far back as she can remember she has wanted to be an integral member of the legal field. In second grade she was asked to come to school dressed as what she wanted to be when she grew up. Let’s just say she didn’t wear a princess dress or a superman cape. She wanted to be an Attorney or in the justice arena. Her desire and determination to reach her goal, led her to taking night and online courses. However, she will say “her hands-on experiences, passion and hard work has gotten her to where she is today.” She has embraced her passion and is devoted to helping others and supporting them in their time of need.

Becoming a mother at a young age wasn’t planned, but that didn’t stop her from raising her children and accelerating her career. She believed her children would benefit from seeing firsthand how hard work pays off, no matter the obstacles in the way. While her older two children have graduated, she enjoys partaking in her youngest child’s education as her learning coach through K12. When she isn’t focusing on her daughter’s education and work, she enjoys reading, taking walks and listening to music.

 “I truly love my job and what I do, there aren’t too many people that get to say that. I believe fate has placed me here to help others during their time of injustice, need and uncertainty. I am fortunate to work alongside Zac Morris, an Attorney, that believes in advocating for his clients, bringing justice to all, no matter the challenges or hurtles thrown his way.”